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Process Automation Services: Automate. Orchestrate. Optimize.

Comnodus help organizations establish a data governance framework to help them maintain data purity and integrity. We at Comnodus take an integrated view of the business analytics like Performance Management, Risk Management, Customer Insight, Governance and compliance. Our baseline business data model, effectively serves the requirement of the Manufacturing and Sales,Healthcare and BFSI specific industry requirements.

We utilize our best practices and tools to jumpstart process automation initiatives. We carry the baseline analytic requirements with our in-depth domain expertise to provide a smooth and rapid data management experience. We offer a single, logical view of all enterprise data and centralized access point to manage user security and visibility which lowers TCO and a shorter pay-back period. Handling resources and data source from various departments, projects, and workflows can become cumbersome without having a proper process.

The increasing complexities of policies, directives, and regulations imposed on day-to-day operations, make streamlining processes, enhancing controls, and reducing wastes an ongoing task. Numerous companies have strong-minded and taken steps to go paperless. It’s a fact that digital documents are more of a havoc piling on hard drives and stacked in database which is outside the current enterprise applications. The process of using IT agnostic digital data as much as possible makes a business’ data entry structure more efficient.

At Comnodus, we provide services which help conglomerates in automating complex process of digital data management from various sources. This helps in tremendous cost saving and eliminates the error prone manual entry process across various departments across the organization.

Who are we ?

Our core mission: Making the difficult simple.

Our Values : Our values are driven by our relentless focus on you, our customers. We don’t provide software. We provide services, solutions and our partnership in doing whatever it takes to help you succeed. With our focused industry experience, strong collaboration with our customers, and dedicated customer service, we provide high-value, market-leading end-to-end services- not software product.

Our Leadership: The Comnodus team brings decades of actual hands-on industry experience in Service, manufacturing and distribution and software to the table. We have over 50 years of experience developing process automation solution and services to various industry verticals like Manufacturing and Sales, Healthcare, and BFSI. We draw on this experience to provide unparalleled services and solutions and service to our customers.

Go Green Supporter: Environmental conservation is a responsibility that we have taken on for creating a better world for today and for the future. Our focus areas include energy, water, emissions and waste. .


We help organizations to combine Enterprise Data from heterogeneous sources in a single unified Enterprise View of Information and in a single calculation within a single piece of metadata. We provide all services from a full turnkey process automation services including hosting and support, to individual services, such as business analysis, project management or software development. We offer a wide range of data management services that can easily help your organization combat pressing data-related issues to enhance business efficiency.

In Cloud & On-premise | - Comnodus provides our solutions and services both on-premise and in Cloud deployment options.

API and Integrations | Comnodus provides wide workflow integration capabilities. including Take advantage of bidirectional integration scenarios, as well as support for both fine grained, and bulk export operations – all available through Web Services open API’s and built-in enterprise services.

We provide services and help companies in eliminating surprises and increase productivity by automating your everyday processes. With our process automation services you can establish an error free, scalable and easily manageable process that allows your organization to input tasks, business rules, route logic, and encourage users to drive business processes. We will streamline your processes and enhance cross-team collaboration, and then Comnodus is the right service partner for you!

Manufacturing and Sales

Our process automation services are used facilitate the transfer of a wide range of raw digital data to information data which can be leveraged for further processing. With process automation services, companies can plan and forecast, manage inventories, procure materials, automate common tasks while reducing errors and fulfill orders.
We offer a suite of services from fully-managed solutions, to an on-site product that you manage, all with access to our in-house expert support team.


There is a lot of technology and process advancement that this segment is witnessing in the last few years, which in turn, requires services from a healthcare domain expert like Comnodus. Regulatory requirements and constant pressure for efficiency have made it imperative for intermediaries to drive technology adoption.
Comnodus services help in exchanging business Transactions in a standardized format between multiple organizations business computer systems.

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

A hallmark of our practice is a deep understanding of the links between data unlocking and data management/technology. Our clients derive immense benefits from our experience in projects implemented in leading corporate across all major geographies (Asia, Europe and North America) and our structured methodologies for data management and project management. Our consultants have demonstrated versatility in handling complex functional and technical demands in diverse projects.
Comnodus has the expertise in terms of tools, techniques and domain knowledge and through this offering looks forward to partnering with banks in their journey towards “Data Driven Decision Making”.

Why Choose Us?

Our strong sense of identification with client projects means that we are constantly striving to provide solutions, even for issues they aren’t yet aware of. This sense of identification also means we value and promote seamless interaction with clients’ own domain teams, and ensure the maximum benefits from IT investments. Our profound experience in various industry verticles means we have expertise which reaches across a number of sectors, as well as knowledge of specific processes.

Increased Productivity

Disparate business processes can be integrated through ERP that makes the data error free and more efficient. It ensures coherence and avoids discontinuity and duplication. That saves time and increases productivity.

Improved Accuracy

Right resource at right time is a great challenge for all companies. In an enterprise, there are several mundane tasks that can otherwise be avoided being performed manually by automation. There’s no room for, “it’s ok to make mistakes!” Data entry has to be accurate and error-free. Automation reduces errors and makes the processes faster

Cost Efficient

That’s the best part! Paying for the right process automation system is actually an investment on a data management system. You don’t have to employ many staffs for different data entries and you will be able to avoid expense on data correction as an automated system will be less prone to errors

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